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Enemies of potency: 6 foods to give up
What we eat affects how we feel. This statement also applies to men's health. There is a number of factors that affect potency that men simply can not control sometimes (for example, troubles at work, being tied up at school). However, it is possible for everyone to adjust their diet.
8 ways to make your erection stronger
One of the main indicators of good men's health is a strong erection. But sexual arousal is a complex process that involves various systems of the male body (nervous, endocrine, circulatory). If you start to notice that it is difficult for you to achieve a firm erection, you should pay some more attention to your lifestyle. Perhaps this can be the root of the problem.
Size doesn't matter: 5 facts to prove it
Many believe that the size of the penis depends on how good a man is in bed. And although this myth has been repeatedly dispelled by numerous studies, the desire to possess the penis no shorter than 15 centimeters is still there among a lot of men. But those men who are "lucky" to have a giant penis are not happy about it, and even on the contrary – are deeply unhappy.
Cheat meal: how to eat junk food and lose weight
Diets always bring the emotional stress due to the necessary limitations. People often fall of their diets because they want to have a piece of their favorite junk food really bad. Nevertheless, these breaks are allowed and moreover, they are necessary while dieting. Eating junk food and high-calorie foods, which aren't a part of healthy eating or a diet, called cheat meal.
7 ways to make sex last longer
Every man is different and sex duration also differs from couple to couple. Doctors consider sex that lasts more than two minutes to be the norm. But that will not be enough for women: in order to get aroused and reach orgasm, ladies need at least 10 minutes. Scientists calculated the ideal duration of sex in an experiment where 432 couples took part. 14 minutes, this is the time during which both partners are able to have an orgasm and experience the true pleasure of sexual intercourse.
How habits and lifestyle affect men's health. Part 1
Sexual health is greatly influenced by the lifestyle that men lead and the habits that they have. Sometimes what seems normal can often result in negative consequences and affect the quality of intimate life.
How habits and lifestyle affect men's health. Part 2
Sexual activity is one of the most crucial constituents of men's life. Irregular intimate life, absence of a permanent sexual partner, chronic stress – all this can affect sexual health of men and not in a good way. In this article we continue to explore the ways lifestyle affects men's health.
8 rules to follow for a great sex
Good sex is the key to a strong relationship. In order to succeed in this arena, men need to master the science called "passionate and unbridled sex". Here are 8 rules that any man who wants to drive his partner crazy in bed must know:
Kegel exercises: how and why you should do them
Kegel exercises come in handy for men's health at any age. Initially, this exercise became popular among women. However, recently, it was advised to do these exercises for the gentlemen too. It helps to improve men's health and sexual performance. In addition, to perform this exercise, there is no need to go to the gym, you can do it anywhere – at home, in the car, in the office.
17 foods for men's health. Part 1
According to scientific research, every third man faces problems that affect male’s health. Although men are not used to talking about it out loud, the fact remains. However, there are many effective and affordable ways to improve the functioning of the reproductive system. One of them is the consumption of foods that contain all the necessary vitamins and nutritional elements for men's health. Special dietary intake also aids in increasing potency.
17 foods for men's health. Part 2
We continue to talk about foods that positively affect men's health and increase potency in particular:
How to get on a schedule and sleep 8 hours a day
One of the main wellness rules states that it is essential to sleep about 8 hours a day. Although each of us knows this principle, for some reason, not all of us attach great importance to it. And those who have already recognized all the benefits of a decent night's sleep, sometimes just can't adjust their schedule.
7 ways stress affects men's health
Stress is firmly embedded in our lives. It became normal to be under stress for every man. Many men's diseases result from constant stress. However, stress is not always a bad thing, there is a stress that we badly need. Therefore, it is important to be able to recognize the difference between good and bad stress, as well as to be aware of the possible consequences of the last one.
9 health benefits of quick morning exercise
Short morning workouts get you into the habit of doing sports, boost your energy and help you to get in shape. Which is why many fitness guides recommend to take note of morning exercise and point out its efficiency comparing to working out in the evening.
Prostatitis: what every man should know
Prostatitis ranks first among all diseases of men's health: according to statistics, it affects about 35% of young and middle-aged men. Despite the fact that this is a fairly common problem, not all men aware of inside information on their main enemy.
How much protein we need and where we can get it
Protein, along with carbohydrates and fats, is an important component of the human body structure. It is the food that helps us to build our body. Our muscles are 80% protein. The only other substance in the human body that is found in bigger quantities than protein is water. That's why protein is referred to as the most important component of our organs.
ED: 5 main signs of upcoming problems
Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that men can face at any age. Scientists have found that about 30 million Americans suffer from this disease. Some studies give even more disappointing numbers: only 10% of the male population aged 20 to 75 years does not experience any problems with an erection.
6 main enemies of the erection
According to statistics, for men, their erectile function is the second most important thing after financial viability. Erectile dysfunction itself is a serious ailment. And if you consider the fact that erectile dysfunction is related to the twice increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, the problem gets even more serious.
Intermittent fasting and what's healthy about it
Intermittent fasting has become widely popular in recent years. It became particularly fashionable in 2016, when a Japanese scientist, Yoshinori Osumi, received the Nobel prize for achievements in medicine and physiology. He discovered the mechanisms of autophagy in which the body produces cells that fight cancer and aging processes. These cells are produced precisely during starvation.
10 tips on how to be in control of men's health
Men are not used to complaining about their problems, even if they are related to health. According to statistics provided by the Adolescent male health press, representatives of the male population are being examined by doctors in their childhood, and the next time they seek medical help is at the age of 50, when they already may have serious diseases.
24 fascinating facts about the penis. Part 1
There are many myths and beliefs about the penis. One of them, which claims that it is possible to determine the length of the penis by the shoe size, was disproved by a study published in the medical journal BJU International. And although the penis subject is studied inside out, in fact, there are many little-known facts about the main male organ.
24 fascinating facts about the penis. Part 2
Did you know that in the early stages of development in the mother's womb, we all start as girls? And only at a certain moment, being influenced by male hormones, the clitoris turns into a penis. Evidence for this transmission is the trace that is located on the back of the male sexual organ from the foreskin to the perineum. Got you interested? And here are some more unusual and little known facts about the penis:
5 safe methods to increase testosterone levels
Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. Masculinity, muscle strength, clarity and sharpness of mind, self-confidence - all of that is a responsibility of testosterone. The level of testosterone in the male body decreases with age. But there is no reason to despair. After all, there are simple, and most importantly safe methods to increase your testosterone levels.
7 no-medication ways to increase potency
For men, problems regarding their intimate life are probably the most important ones. And, of course, when there are erection problems, men tend to experience the highest emotional tension and stress. Feeling of anxiety leaves an imprint on the mental state of a man, not allowing him to live normally, work, and concentrate on things that are important to him. All of that definitely affects the quality of sex.
Male infertility: causes and prevention
The male reproductive cell is very small, just 50 micrometers. And in order to reach the egg and fertilize it, the spermatozoa need to travel 20 thousand times their own size. If spermatozoa are not able to do that, men are given a disappointing diagnosis of "infertility". Male infertility is a disease of the reproductive system in which spermatozoa are either not formed at all, or they are not able to reach the female germ cells.
5 important reasons to say no to sugar
Sugar and the products made from it are very much addictive. The addiction is same as addiction to alcohol, tobacco or drugs. The only difference is that harmfulness of those mentioned above is well known, then the harmful effect of sugar on human health is underestimated by many. Moreover, even questioned sometimes.
5 worst enemies of good sex
To become sex guru, to give genuine pleasure to your partner and get it yourself, it is not quite enough to study the Kama Sutra and change a dozen sexual partners. Sure thing, experience is important. But there are a number of other factors that affect our feelings when we are being intimate. Relationships we have with a partner, the amount and quality of sleep, the general emotional state of an individual. The list keeps going on. But today we want to talk about what stands in the way of quality sex.
What exactly makes an erection happen
Looking at a beautiful woman, a healthy man has a natural reaction – he gets turned on and the penis becomes firm. This normal process is rooted in the male physiology. However, not that many people wonder how exactly this happens.
5 tips for shortening the refractory period
On may 20, 2015, experts from the Harvard Medical school published the fact that an active sex life reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 22%. That means that men need sex not only to meet their physiological needs but also to maintain their health.
10 ways to protect yourself from diseases of the male reproductive system
According to the world health organization, in 2016, 376 million cases of infection, including one of the four STDs, were registered worldwide.
Delayed ejaculation: what causes and how to fix it
That is a common belief that a man is good at sex when he lasts long in bed to allow his partner to experience an orgasm first.
The first symptoms of prostatitis: 4 mistakes that men make
Prostatitis becomes a problem for more and more men worldwide every year. No wonder it was dubbed the plague of the 21st century. Statistics show disappointing numbers: the peak of the disease occurs in the men aged 25 to 30. This means that over the past ten years, the disease has gotten significantly younger face. Such a growth of this prostate disease is linked to the rising popularity of office work, as well as the fact that not all men are cautious about their intimate health and do not always seek help from specialists in time.
8 major myths about male potency
The subject of male potency has been much spoken about lately. Since there is so much interest in this matter, there are many opinions that spread by word of mouth, even though many of them have nothing to do with the reality of the matter. Is masturbation a natural remedy for male potency or not? Is being good in bed actually about penis size?
The side effects of abstinence on male health
No one has ever died from abstinence. Yes, that's absolutely right. But no one was ever born either. Sex is an important part of the lives for both men and women. And if ladies can cope with abstinence without much of a difficulty, then for men a long period without sex can be a real tragedy. Moreover, due to the lack of sexual activity, the male body begins to experience many problems.
5 diseases that lead to impotence
20% of men aged 20-30 face erectile dysfunction, so this disease can be rightfully called the most common male disease. And by the age of 50, 53% of men happen to be unable to get and maintain an erection. By itself, erectile dysfunction severely affects the emotional state of men, since they cannot have a fulfilling sex life. Moreover, impotence can indicate the possible existence of other serious diseases.
ED: causes, symptoms and prevention
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a disease that is characterized by the inability to achieve or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. Men who suffer from this disease cannot lead a full sex life. Previously, erectile dysfunction was also often called "impotence" but in modern medicine this term is no longer used because of the hidden condemnatory subtext.
5 myths about sex you need to stop believing
The subject of sex has been a taboo for so long that people made up myriads of myths and fantasies about it. Even now, not everyone can talk about intimacy without hesitation, so all these misbeliefs that have nothing to do with reality continue to exist in the minds of many people.
Male depression: 4 things to know
Women are twice as likely to be depressed. Ladies can sink into melancholy, shed tears. And that is found to be excusable as many consider them to be the weaker sex. Something that cannot be said about men who must always be strong, self-contained and do not give vent to feelings. These stereotypes are gradually fading out of modern life.
Surprising facts about sex. Part 1
Sex... a subject that catches the interest of many. And the question pops up, what possibly we don't know about intimacy, since everything regarding the sex topic has already been studied inside and out? But every year we get more and more new facts about this kind of enjoyable activity for both men and women.
Surprising facts about sex. Part 2
We keep surprising you with some extraordinary facts about sex that you might not have known about.
5 methods of male contraception
Every year there are 16.7 million unwanted pregnancies worldwide. For some reason, the choice of contraceptives is considered to be women's concern since they are to bear and give birth to a child. But the process of contraception involves two people, so both women and men should worry about choosing methods of contraception.
10 fascinating facts about testosterone
Testosterone and other sex hormones have been under the microscope of scientific research since 1849. 40 years later, at the meeting of the Paris biological society, professor of experimental biology Brown-Séquard announced the results of the experiments conducted. He injected himself with testicular extracts, the source of testosterone, that resulted in rejuvenated physical. By the way, the professor was 72 years old at that time. But the effect lasted only for 2 or 3 months. And the scientist's health could get worse after each time.
Male orgasm: how to enhance pleasure
It is a widely held view that it is an easy thing for men to get an orgasm. That is right, since for men that is a biological need wired by nature. But the truth is that ejaculation and feeling pleasure from an orgasm are two different things. An orgasm can just happen, can bring a pleasant feeling, or it can make a man to be over the moon. Absolutely, the partner's role in achieving intense orgasm is huge. But there are ways that can help men double, or maybe even triple the pleasure.
Surprising facts about men's health: questions and answers
The color of the penis can vary from the skin color elsewhere on the body. And that applies to representatives of any race. Lindsay Bordone, a dermatologist at Columbia University medical center, believes that the color depends on the stage of puberty. When sex hormones interact with melatonin in the skin cells of the penis.
STDs: what everyone must be aware of
Unprotected sex can lead not only to unwanted pregnancies but also to serious health problems. Yes, we are talking about venereal diseases. Despite the knowledge people already have and the efforts of doctors, the number of STDs cases increase every year.
5 important questions about men's health
All over the world, men live less than women. On average, for 10 years. Despite this fact, the gentlemen stubbornly continue to avoid going to the doctor, even when push comes to shove. According to statistics, men are 20% less likely to seek medical help than women. This disappointing pattern suggests that men really should start taking care of their health. And better start doing it at a young age.
10 fun facts about testicles
Testicles expand to twice or more its current size during sex. Once you've ejaculated, they return to normal size. If you haven't heard about this peculiarity of the male organ before, you will probably be curious to find out other facts about testicles. And here they are:
Lubricants: how to choose and use
Public attitude towards lubricants is ambiguous. Some are actively using them, while others unwisely consider them to be a must-have for just the older generation who have issues with natural lubrication.
The 8 secrets to perfect foreplay
In order for sex to be magical and orgasm to be unforgettable, you need to really warm up both yourself and your partner. A good foreplay can guarantee a fascinating ending. Moreover, it is not necessary to know absolutely everything about your partner. You just need to spend more time on the foreplay stage.
Things that happen to a man's body during sex
For some reason, the subject of male orgasm is mysteriously bypassed as being considered a simple and natural process. In fact, men's orgasms are no less complex than women's. Sexologist Lauren Del says that out of 10 of her patients, 8-9 are men. And only 1-2 women. Let's look at what happens to the male body during orgasm, before and after it.
What to do if you're having trouble reaching orgasm
Many people think that only women have to fake an orgasm. Indeed, ladies sometimes have difficulties reaching orgasm during sex. In fact, men also experience this kind of trouble. That was confirmed by a recent study, the results of which were published in the journal Sexual Medicine. It was revealed that only in 80% of cases men experience an orgasm. Sexologists believe that anorgasmia can lead to serious nervous system disorders.
7 tips to spice your sex life
In the modern world, the topic of sex has long stopped being forbidden. However, many couples keep breaking up as the passion in the relationship fades over time. And many don't know how to handle it. For men, the quality of sex is important. Not only for a comfortable emotional state, but also for health in general. This does not mean that you need to encourage your partner to act like a porn star. But it will be helpful to know the ways that will assist in bringing your sex life to a new level.
Simple steps to build healthy habits
Habits are the foundation of our lifestyle. We all want to develop healthy habits such as drinking at least 2 liters of water a day and have dinner three hours before going to bed. Unfortunately, not everyone can easily do it.
Why sleep is important and how to sleep better
It is well known fact that sleep is essential for human health, we are physically and emotionally restored by sleep. We spend a third of our lives sleeping. To benefit from all this time we spend asleep we need to know the way to do it right.
6 ways to boost your metabolism
Metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. Influenced by many factors, the metabolism is able to accelerate or slow down. To have a better understanding of such reasons, let’s see how the process of metabolism works.
Things you need to know about warm-up
Any physical activity, whether it is training in the gym, running or just some morning exercising, they all should start with a warm-up and end with a cool-down.
Good Fats vs. Bad Fats
It is established opinion that fats are bad for figure and health, but that's not the case at all. Not all fats are equally unhealthy. Eating the right kind of fats contributes to the normal functioning of all internal organs and even helps to lose weight.
Why carbohydrates are important
For someone who has ever been on a diet, the very word "carbohydrates" sounds like something forbidden. After all, there is an opinion that the consumption of carbohydrates contributes to weight gain. That's why many people decide to give them up to lose weight.
9 reasons to exercise
People often assume that exercising is an option for weight loss only. In fact, exercise motivation should be sought not just in the pursuit of an ideal body. Regular training is necessary for overall health.
How to become a morning person and get up early
Everyone is familiar with the situation when the alarm goes off in the morning and you just keep hitting the snooze button. Hitting it again and again. As a result it is more difficult to roll out of bed. So things that were supposed to be done in the morning aren't being done and the feeling of tiredness haunts you all day.
Coffee: good or bad?
Coffee is one of the most popular drinks. Every day people drink about 2.25 billion cups of coffee worldwide. Debates whether this invigorating beverage is harmful or beneficial have been going on for a very long time. Fortunately for coffee lovers, more and more scientists confirm the fact that drinking coffee not only doesn't harm the body, but even has its benefits if consumed in reasonable doses.
How to stop quitting exercise
Many of us probably have attempted to begin a new life, eat healthy and exercise regularly starting Monday. The most persistent individuals even buy an annual fitness membership and new sneakers. It's commendable, but very often all this courage and determination last only for a couple of months, and then people tend to find standard excuses.
Why walking is so much more beneficial than it seems
In the pursuit of an ideal body and a healthy lifestyle, a person spends a tons of money on gym memberships, a personal trainer and sportswear. But we forget that there is a simpler and more accessible way to stay in shape. Which is walking.
Reasons for a "lifebuoy" in the abdomen area
What is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear "lifebuoy"? A buoyant support for keeping a person afloat in water, right? But we want to talk about another "lifebuoy" in the form of a fat layer around the belly and waist. To be precise - where it comes from and how it affects the body.
What is immunity and the ways to strengthen it
The human immune system is an elaborate protective complex (organs, cells, tissues) that fights infections, viruses, and bacteria and reduces their impact on the body. Nowadays there are a variety of vitamins and nutritional supplements to strengthen the immune system, which are so aggressively advertised in the media. But in order to act on the immune system, one "magic vitamin" will not be enough. Comprehensive measures are needed to be taken.
8 ways to deal with stress
We all know firsthand what stress is. Many people are constantly under stress, from the moment they wake up until the lights go out: morning rush, traffic jams, job problems, children running around the house and lots of other worries. This hectic pace of life not only causes psychological discomfort but can also lead to the development of chronic diseases. Therefore, it is important to know how to deal with stress.
Why is rest as important as training
Every athlete, especially a beginner, is familiar with the sore muscles after training. This means that the body has not had time to recover from physical exertion. It is extremely important to give your body rest that it needs after each workout. If you ignore this basic principle, all the efficiency of exercising will equal zero.
What happens to the body during sleep
That is no secret that an adult should sleep on average about 8 hours a day. But not everyone wonders what exactly happens to our body while we sleep and what will happen if a person does not sleep for at least a few days.
Cortisol: good or bad?
Cortisol is one of the most important hormones for our body. Cortisol wakes us up in the morning and helps us cope with stress. Along with the positive things that go with it, it can also have negative effects if one is constantly under stress.
Alcohol and a healthy lifestyle: compatible or not?
There are still people believing that drinking small amounts of alcohol will not do any harm and a glass of red wine before a meal will even do some good. Scientists around the world have thoroughly studied this issue and have come to a consensus – any amount of alcohol is dangerous to health.
Why you should start meditating
More and more people are flocking to meditation. Despite the growing popularity, many of us still find it hard to pin down exactly how it works. It is impossible to clearly evaluate the benefits that meditation brings. In this sense, science comes proving the positive impact of meditation on our health and well-being.
9 facts about sleep that might surprise you
We already know that sleep is crucial for our health. We learnt what time to go to bed and how many hours of sleep is enough for us to feel good and for our internal systems to work properly.
The pros and cons of napping
Daytime sleep is one of the most frequently discussed topics. As always, opinions on this are rather divided. Some people think it's a waste of time, others believe that a "quiet hour" is essential.
Why exercise boosts mood
Research conducted by scientists from the University of Michigan confirms that just an hour of physical exercise (and it doesn't have to be a full gym workout) boosts our mood and stimulates the production of endorphins, hormones that make us happy. That's why we feel so good after exercising.
6 reasons not to skip breakfast
For many of us, the morning doesn't always start with breakfast. Getting ready for work, we often end up having a cup of coffee and a sandwich at best. At worst, we don't eat at all and lack of time is generally the most popular excuse. In an unequal battle between having breakfast and sleeping an extra 10 minutes, sleep wins over and over.
Why you should read in the morning
Many of us notice that we used to read much more but now we don't manage to find the time to do it. But you can get up earlier and start your day with a healthy breakfast and reading a decent book. So not only will you be able to get enjoy your laid-back morning, but you will also be able to tune in to a productive day. While reading may seem like simple entertainment, it takes care of your body and mind, even if may not notice it at all.
A short guide to 3 types of meditation
Numerous studies have shown that meditation helps to improve gray matter density, which is responsible for memory, learning, and emotions.
5 tips for better meditation
For some of us, meditation is about keeping up with modern trends. But not everyone who practices it wonders what the real benefits of meditation are.