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Every day you have a quick to-do: from Kegel exercises to Sumo Squats. All is guided and less than 5 mins a day.
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Follow the program and track your progress in the account. You will feel the first results in 10 days.
Less than 5 mins a day
It's easy
Work hard, play hard... and stay hard!
Studies say that only 10% of the male population aged 20 to 60 does not experience obesity, premature ejaculation, weak erection, chronic stress or other health issues. Don't worry, having a problem isn’t weird at all. Just stick to the program and it will become your secret weapon.
Hundreds of quick special exercises
Improve men's health with quick exercises developed by scientists and proved by various researchers. This exercises prolong sex lasting, strengthen your potency and promote men’s health in general. All the sessions are guided and on average 3-4 minutes long.
Get men's health tips based on your lifestyle
Despite the fact that there are basic principles for improving men's health, we are all different: we have different eating habits, daily routines, age, relationship status, etc. Log your daily activities to get personalized recommendations to improve your sexual, physical and mental health.
Discover hacks with quick reads and latest research
To strengthen men’s health, it is very important to understand what kind of lifestyle increases testosterone levels, and which one causes libido to decrease, what foods are healthy and what are harmful. Being aware of those things you start building good habits. That's why we've created the most interesting collection of helpful articles, research and life hacks to keep you up to date.
Perfect for every man

It doesn't matter if you are in your 20s or 50s

Starting in the early 20s, most men already begin to face problems with sexual, physical and mental health. It doesn’t matter if you have already had some problems or not, it always makes sense to take care of it. It's never too early to start a wellness journey.

You can always find 5 minutes

No matter how busy your schedule, you can always find 5 minutes to improve your sexual, physical and mental health.

Make improving your health a habit

Believe it or not, promoting men's health is easy. The key is to do special exercises and start building new healthy habits.

See why customers love Heems
Michael Lewis
Florida, 27 y.o.
Game changer
The idea that it's possible to work on improving sexual health the same way as we work on our bodies in the gym has never crossed my mind. But now I'm working not only on my abs and biceps but also on improving my sex performance and men's health in general. Really game changer! Girlfriend is thrilled.
Roger M
San Francisco, 49 y.o.
Worth it for me
Heard of Kegel exercises before but have never tried them. I think the exercises in Heems are amazing: low intensity, well guided and easy to do. I've had good success with the program. It took a little longer than I expected at first but I see the results now. The program is slowed down and stretched out a bit, so it's easy to keep up.
Jeremy Bane
New York City, 34 y.o.
Better than expected!
I was skeptical when I first started. Roughly two months into this program, I’ve significantly improved my sex performance just doing short exercises in the morning. Also I've been using some of the recommendations from the articles. I'm going to carry on with the program. Thanks for the Heems team!
Questions? We have answers
Discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Or contact us anytime via email We operate Mon-Fri from 9am-6pm EST.
What exercises are in the program? Will I be able to do them?
Exercises are different: from low intensity Kegel exercises and Sumo squats to HIIT lower-body workouts and yoga poses. Each exercise is short (on an average 3-4 minutes), guided and personalized for you. So you will be able to do it.
How long does it take to feel the results?
According to the latest research conducted among our users (4 871 people participated), in the third week, sexual potency strengthens and sex prolongs significantly. That is estimated to be an average result. Many users report a noticeable improvement in the second week, while some report results in the second month of the program. The key to getting the results you want is to stay consistent and perform the exercises day by day according to the program.
Does the program consist only of exercise sessions?
The program is formed on science-based exercises aimed at prolonging sex lasting and strengthening potency. You also have an access to a large number of short topics, newest research & lifehacks, which you can get to as you progress through the program. All of those will help you discover new things about men's health and start implementing healthy habits into your lifestyle to achieve even better and more stable results.
What is the best time of day to exercise?
We advise to exercise in the morning. There are always 5 minutes in the morning for a quick exercise (if you don't think so - just wake up 5 minutes earlier). This way you will definitely be able to develop a habit and improve sexual health with our program. But if you are more comfortable doing exercises in the evening, then let it be so. The main thing is to perform the exercises according to the program.
How do I get started with the program?
You just need to download an app from the App Store and go through a small quiz to tell us about yourself. We'll handle the rest.
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1,891 customer reviews