8 ways to make your erection stronger

One of the main indicators of good men's health is a strong erection. But sexual arousal is a complex process that involves various systems of the male body (nervous, endocrine, circulatory). If you start to notice that it is difficult for you to achieve a firm erection, you should pay some more attention to your lifestyle. Perhaps this can be the root of the problem.

Here are 8 tips that you can follow to strengthen your erection, along with the quality of your intimate life in general:

1. Exercise regularly or be generally active

Scientists from Boston University have found that middle-aged men who burn at least 200 Kcal a day being physically active (the equivalent of 3 km of intensive walking), significantly reduced the risk of erectile dysfunction. Physical exercise has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system and therefore on improving the erection quality.

2. Manage stress factors

Stress is the main cause of erectile dysfunction in men. Repeated exposure to stressful circumstances leads to the release of cortisol hormone, which blocks the action of testosterone. This hormonal imbalance is the reason why men are less likely to experience sexual desire and it becomes more difficult for them to get an erection.

3. Refuse to watch porn

There is a misconception that porn helps to get into the mood before sexual intercourse. In fact, it has the opposite effect – it makes it harder to get an erection for the real sex. This was confirmed by Carlo Foresta, a Professor at the University of Padua and head of the Italian society of andrology and sexual medicine. He conducted a global study that found a link between pornography addiction and erectile dysfunction. During the experiment, it was revealed that 70% of patients with erectile dysfunction problems were fond of watching pornography.

4. Strive for the recommended 8 hours of sleep

American scientists have found that poor sleep can lead to impotence. Chronic lack of sleep is always a stress for the body. We have already discussed how the male body behaves under the influence of stress (the production of male hormones decreases and the production of female hormones increases). In addition, a man that did not have enough sleep the night before, does not think about sex due to the fact that the energy is directed to adapt to the current stressful circumstances.

5. Stick to proper nutrition

What you eat is not only important for the body itself but also affects the quality of your erection. Eating foods that contain carbohydrates and bad fats leads to cardiovascular diseases. In this case, plaque forms in the artery and decreases blood flow to the male genitals.

6. Quit smoking

Smoking after sex is a kind of ritual for many men. But a group of doctors from Australia, led by Professor Christopher Mylett, urge us to break such a habit. They found a link between smoking and erectile dysfunction. Experts concluded that heavy smokers face erectile dysfunction 1.24 times more often than non-smokers. This is due to the fact that smoking decreases the force of blood flow into the penis and testosterone levels, leads to the development of vascular atherosclerosis.

7. Don't be a passive partner

To keep an erection that is firm enough for intercourse, precisely swing back-and-forth. That helps promote blood circulation.

8. Take a contrast shower

Contrast water improves blood circulation and the functioning of the cardiovascular system, and increases testosterone levels.

Therefore, if you experience erection problems, you should not go with different sorts of pills that supposingly increase potency. Work on your diet and sleep, give up cigarettes and start exercising. This will help to achieve a strong erection, increase stamina and improve the overall quality of sex.