Enemies of potency: 6 foods to give up

What we eat affects how we feel. This statement also applies to men's health. There is a number of factors that affect potency that men simply can not control sometimes (for example, troubles at work, being tied up at school). However, it is possible for everyone to adjust their diet.

And you should start with a list of foods that you should definitely give up in order to avoid problems with potency:

1. Fast food

Fast food's bad reputation stems from the fact that it contains a lot of trans fats. Trans fats are modified molecules of vegetable fats, the consumption of which leads to an increase in the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood. As a result, this cholesterol forms plaques in blood vessels that disrupt the blood supply in the men's body. And the first to suffer is the penis, since its vessels are very narrow. Moreover, excessive consumption of fast food leads to rapid weight gain. The production of testosterone in men with excessive body mass is reduced. Their body begins to adopt feminine features. The same applies to the hormonal background. And of course, all this has a negative impact on potency.

2. Beer

Beer contains the hormone phytoestrogen (an analog of the female hormone oestrogen). Sex therapist Kat Van Kirk reminds of this fact. Regular consumption of beer leads to a decrease in the production of testosterone and sperm in the male body. And you also need to know that phytoestrogens are also found in large quantities of soy.

3. Sugar

Scientists from the University of Oxford conducted a study in which 75 subjects were asked to consume 74 grams of pure sugar daily. As a result, experts found that the study participants' testosterone levels decreased by 25%. According to the world health organisation, the maximum dose of sugar should not exceed 50 grams (12 teaspoons) a day.

4. Alcohol

The consumption of alcoholic beverages leads to the complete failure of the male sexual system: loss of sexual desire and erection. And these are not only problems you will have to deal with. As a consequence, this leads to impotence, which is often impossible to cure in a combination with alcoholism, since the testicles are completely affected by ethyl alcohol.

5. Pastry

In addition to sugar, pastries contain a large amount of yeast. And yeast is another source of phytoestrogens (we mentioned above that it is an analog of the female hormone oestrogen). In addition, an excessive predilection for pastries contributes to weight gain. And this dramatically reduces the chances for men to have a stable erection and quality sex.

6. Salt

No more than 4 grams of salt per day – this is the amount recommended by WHO. Salt or sodium chloride is a vital element for the body of any person. Salt enables water to stay in the blood and maintains blood volume. But scientists have proven that excessive salt intake by men leads to a decrease in testosterone production, which in turn reduces potency. Moreover, an abundance of sodium chloride in the body results in high blood pressure and that is why the blood flow through the entire body and pelvic area in particular deteriorates.

Therefore, many factors affect male potency. And even though we do not have control over some of the factors, nutrition is something that any man who concerned about his sexual health can and should take care of. Avoiding excessive consumption of sweets, salty foods, alcohol and choosing healthy food options over bad ones is a sure step on the way to a strong erection and smooth functioning of the entire sexual system.