Size doesn't matter: 5 facts to prove it

Many believe that the size of the penis depends on how good a man is in bed. And although this myth has been repeatedly dispelled by numerous studies, the desire to possess the penis no shorter than 15 centimeters is still there among a lot of men. But those men who are "lucky" to have a giant penis are not happy about it, and even on the contrary – are deeply unhappy.

Here are 5 facts that refute the misconception ingrained in the minds of many, the misconception that says penis size matters:

1. Feeling of pleasure depends primarily on the emotional state

Men, just like women, find it easier to experience an orgasm if they are in a psychologically comfortable state: when they are relaxed and have a sense of confidence in themselves and their sexual partner.

2. The size of the penis does not affect its functionality

Regardless of the size of the male sexual organ, it is able to fulfill all its basic functions. The only exception is the micropenis (when erected, its length reaches no more than 7 cm). But you need to understand that this feature occurs only in 2% of men and is not considered to be the norm. This is a congenital pathology that is diagnosed after the birth of a child.

3. The vagina can adjust to the size of the penis

Sexologist and psychotherapist Larisa Shtark explains this fact : "The average penis length is 12-18 cm. The depth of the relaxed vagina is 7.5 cm, during arousal it can be up to 10 cm. Based on these parameters, any man can satisfy his partner, since the size of his penis will completely fill the woman's vagina. If the length of the male reproductive organ is greater than the size of the vagina, the woman adjusts to her partner. This is due to the fact that the female sexual organ is able to stretch and increase in size to prevent possible mechanical damage.

4. Women see their partner as a whole, not individual parts of his body

Larisa Shtark says that the phenomenon of attraction between men and women is based on the whole picture of the partner. So for a man, everything is important in a complex: the color of hair and skin, lips, legs and chest. A woman thinks the same way. Therefore, it is not just the length of the penis that measures the worth of a man in the eyes of a woman.

5. The smell is much more important

Scientists from Brazil have shown that women have a 43% better sense of smell than men. This is due to the fact that the female brain has more cells responsible for the detection of odorants. Moreover, scientists confirm that smells play a significant role in women's sexual behavior. The smell of a man contributes to the production of special hormones in the female body that affect sexual arousal.

Thus, the size of the penis does not affect the quality of sex. The porn industry and advertising of various penis extensions develop an inferiority complex in men, making many think that the size of their sexual organ does not match the norm. Keep in mind that each penis is unique in its own way. And with any size, you will not only be able to enjoy sex yourself but also completely satisfy your partner.